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Asheesh and Niels said that every email to debian-mentors would see a response within four days.

So this is a list of all the unanswered emails. It's okay if an email has been unanswered for fewer than four days.

But if it's been longer than four days, then you'll see the message marked as **OLD**.

Emails without answers (from December 2010)

RFS: abcl (Age: 215 days)
RFS: olive (Updated package) (Age: 215 days)
RFS: mosquitto (Age: 218 days)
RFS: soundtouch (updated package) (Age: 219 days)
RFS: squidclamav (Age: 219 days)
RFS: gentoo (updated package) (Age: 221 days)
RFS: glpeces (updated package) (Age: 222 days)
RFS: libfixposix (Age: 222 days)
RFS: mupen64plus-*-* (updated package) (Age: 223 days)
Re: RFS: dbxml (Age: 227 days)
RFS: mpd-sima (autoqueue MPD client, find similar artists to queue) (Age: 228 days)
RFS: gts (updated package) (Age: 231 days)
RFS: rush (new package) (Age: 232 days)
RFS: arandr (new version) (Age: 233 days)
RFS: roxterm (flexible terminal emulator) (updated package for experimental) (Age: 233 days)
Dijital Bask?da ?nan?lmaz Fiyatlar (Age: 235 days)
RFS: free42 (Age: 238 days)
RFS: spice and spice-protocol (Age: 242 days)
RFS: qmagneto (Age: 243 days)
The keypad and Policy 9.8 (Age: 243 days)
Confirmation de votre livraison (Age: 245 days)

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